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About the museum

Dalí – Die Ausstellung am Potsdamer Platz

With more than 450 exhibits, provided by private collectors all over the world, the museum and cultural highlight "Dalí – Die Ausstellung am Potsdamer Platz" offers for the first time ever an extensive insight into Dalí’s fascinating oeuvre, and does so right in Berlin’s lively centre. The museum in Berlin is a purely private, guided art museum, which would like to give deeper insights beyond the ordinary in an edutainment manner.

„COME INTO MY BRAIN“, called Dalí upon the masses and he invited the audience to immerse in his surreal mind. Dalí is considered to be one of the most ingenious artists of modernity who staged his work and himself in the most spectacular way. The museum visitors will get an extensive insight into Salvador Dalís virtuosity and mastership in almost every technique.
For example, Dalí worked with bombs filled with nails, he created bulletism by shooting at stones and he created his most extensive work ever for the illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy which was commissioned by the Italian gouvernment. 

Among this probably most comprehensive and representative overview of the graphic works, the museum shows work portfolios, illustrated books, sculptures, numismatics and three-dimensional installations of the surrealist artist.

The Dalí_Scouts facilitate the unique journey into Dalí’s mind in the museum to initiate a dialogue during pre-booked tours and public guided tours taking place once every hour.