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Special exhibition “Salvador Dalí: The 21st Century Dandy“ will be extended

Special exhibition “Salvador Dalí: The 21st Century Dandy“ will be extended until November 30th 2017

Berlin, October 9th 2017. Thanks to the great feedback with more than 30.000 visitors during the period of the very first special exhibition at the museum “SALVADOR DALÍ: THE 21st CENTURY DANDY – Man´s fashion from 1971–2017” will be extended until November 30th 2017.

The special exhibition was opened due to the 10th anniversary of the Berlin Fashion Week this summer. After its extension, the exhibition will be on show for six weeks more at Potsdamer Platz. Carsten Kollmeier, director of the museum, says: “Now, we have two reasons to be proud of. First, we’re very pleased that the special exhibition was such a success, which encourage us to continue with further special theme-based exhibitions in the future at the museum alongside the permanent exhibition. Second, we thank our partner Scabal for their trust, who will lend us the exhibits one and a half months longer to make it available to the public after these original works of art have been treasured and were kept safely in Scabal’s own vaults for over 45 years. Therefore, a unique possibility is given to visitors from Berlin and all over the world to admire these wonderful artworks – for a short period only. All artworks were created during Dalí's work on the first issue of the fashion magazine Scarab. For the first time, theses art works are also exhibited within an extensive show: not just the picture cycle is on show, but also the bronze sculpture Mannequin Zootropique, the fabric collection inspired by Dalí’s images and the fashion magazine Scarab, which was sold out immediately after its publication – now the magazine is available in digital format on a 55“-Touchscreen provided by NEC.” 
All visitors of the museum „Dalí – The Exhibition at Potsdamer Platz” will have access to the artworks, which show Dalí’s imaginative visions of fashion of the 21st century and the possibility is given to see the originals in details until end of November, before the unique artworks will be locked in the vault again – maybe again for the next 45 years. 
The exhibited picture cycle with its 12 works shows the artist's unique vision of how tailor-made clothing could have been developed into the 21st century, following paintings of the old masters of the Renaissance – including fantastic suits and futuristic fashion accessories. 
Everybody, who is interested in Surrealism and Salvador Dalí or just interested in fashion, should take the opportunity of the extension of the special exhibition for further six weeks and visit the museum directly in Berlin's city center.