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Videos about art techniques

How to crate a lithography?

The lithography is an old printing technique invented in 18th century, which Salvador Dalí revived in the late 1950s with his radical and ingenious approach - with a gun! Find out more during your visit at "Dalí - Die Ausstellung am Potsdamer Platz" in Berlin.


How to create a drypoint etching?

Salvador Dalí mastered almost all art techniques – including etchings and especially drypoint etchings. The drypoint etching has been invented in 15th century and were very common in 18th century. Then the art technique lost its meaning. Salvador Dalí already discovered his interest for this technique as he was in young age. In order to make a series in the drypoint etching style, the artist uses many different sharp or pointed instruments in order to etch a pattern into a copper plate. Dalí mastered this technique really well and also started to adjust it in an ingenious way – for example by using forks! The documentary film (which is also shown in the museum) explains the complex approach how to create a drypoint etching. This movie was realised by the museum and the Swiss film maker Robert Ralston for a better understanding of this very difficult technique. For this documentary film we also got the support of two experienced artists who are still actively working with this historical art technique and thus have extensive experiences. Martin Lotz and Henry Ruck are not only great artists themselves, but also volunteer in the Lithowerkstatt Berlin (Litho workshop Berlin) and present the coveted live lithograph demonstrations in the museum.