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Guided Tours

„Come into my brain,” called Dalí once upon the masses.

Immerse yourself in the surreal mind of this eccentric artist and discover your own impression of Dalí during your time through the museum. The fascination of Salvador Dalí's dreamlike imagery captures almost every viewer and not just the inner circle of art fans. As popular as he is, as enigmatic is his work, since Dalí loved to work with the subconscious. Every single artwork contains hidden details and is full of complexity. To faciliate your way into Dalí's surreal world and into the museum with it's over 450 original exhibits, we provide various possibilities.

We restrcted opening hours. Please see the note the information on the front page

Public guided tours are provided daily:
• German guided tours are at 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:00 pm*
• English guided tours are at 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm

For groups, you can also book private tours at a time of your choice, please find further information on "Booked Tours".
More information about other options can be found below.

* In July and August we provide the first tour in German at 11:00 am already

Public Guided Tours

Take part in a guided tour through the museum with the competent Dalí_Scouts.

Gebuchte Führungen

Besides the public guided tours we provide the possibility to book a private guided tour as well.

Multimedia Guide

Using our multimedia guide, it’s your smartphone that guides you through the exhibition.

Schulklassen bei Dalí - Die Ausstellung am Potsdamer Platz

We provide guided tours specifically designed for each grade level


For special occasions, the museum's director Carsten Kollmeier himself guides you through the museum.

LIVE Lithovorführung

Experience during a live demonstration at the historical lithograpic press (from around 1850) how the logo of the museum is created.